The following organizations have shown they are unworthy to receive our resources due to a socialist, fascist, or communist idealizations, ideologies, and agendas against individualism, freedom, liberty, and the constitution.

  • CNN and MSNBC – bias, anti-american framed propaganda primarily supporting only liberal ideologies.  Where every you go, and see it in public, change the channel.  There are other less bias news orgs out there.
  • NFL – blocks pro-life ads, and restricts players from wearing 9/11 remembrance shoes and John 3:16 eye tape, but allows players to hate and spit on the vets and all those who gave their lives for the flag the NFL allows to be disrespected.   When a NFL game is on, turn the TV off and spend time with friends and family doing something else more beneficial.
  • Delta and United Airlines – these are opposed to our constitutional rights.  There are plenty of other airlines to fly with like Southwest, Frontier, Jetblue, and American Airlines.  Why support companies that profit off this country that is BUILT off our constitutional rights.
  • Hertz and Enterprise – Same pathetic hypocrisy and cowards as Delta and United Airlines.  Rent from any other of the many car rentals.  F these guys.
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