About Us

We are simple.  All you need to know about us and why can be listed simply bellow:

  1. America is a Constitutional Republic.
    1. Government is limited by The Constitution
    2. Smaller Federal Government
    3. More States Rights
  2. More freedom of religion
  3. Hate speech is protected free speech
  4. 2nd Amendment is an inherent right for all people; for keeping the government in check.
    1. Defense of self and others is inherent for all people
    2. A victim’s use of deadly force inherent legal protection
  5. Human life begins at conception.
    1. All human life, deformed, handicap, abnormal, have the inherent right to live
    2. Life is LIFE no matter the size or location, 2 inches in a womb or 2 feet out of a womb.  Dependent on the mothers body in the womb or dependent on the parents out of the womb.
  6. Importance and primacy of the Family Unit
    1. Traditional Marriage of one man and one woman
    2. Parental Rights above governmental parenting.
    3. Homeschool Rights and Public school reform.
      1. Protect our children in school like we protect our leaders, politicians, and banks.
  7. Open, national, Healthcare company competition
    1. Free markets historically greater than government controlled systems.
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