Oh boy have times changed.  This is reflected in the NFL too.  The NFL -WAS- the American symbol and sport that portrayed the American spirit of hard work, individual accountability that made up a team and grand rewards and glory for that hard working team.  The NFL -WAS- naturally patriotic and values driven.  Fans and nations witnessed honor, discipline, hard work, team work, and the support for communities and patriots (not talking about the team).


  1. The NFL stayed silent when one if its sponsors denied a pro-life ad during Superbowl in 2010.  An ad that highlighted one of its own superstar quarterbacks personal story.  Thus they condone an anti-pro-life stance.
  2. The NFL does not allow its players to wear the eye tape of John “3:16”.  Thus they endorse an anti-religious freedom of its players on the field.
  3. The NFL banned the airing of the American Veterans ad showing support for the nation and the flag in a positive patriotic manner.  A statement from the NFL stated:  the Super Bowl has “never been a place for advertising that could be considered by some as a political statement.”  Thus, in reality, actually block certain points of view in favor of other political points of view.  How so?  The NFL did NOT ban the Budweiser Ad about immigration, and the Audi ad about sexism.
  4. The NFL told a Titans linebacker he can not wear shoes that honor the victims of 9/11.  Six players did end up wearing the shoes and the NFL decided not to fine them due to public outcry.  Thus the NFL no longer wants to be viewed as patriotic.
  5. The NFL also pressured players to NOT honor the police officers who were murdered in Dallas Texas and does not support The Dallas Fallen Officers Foundation.

Despite all these attempts by the NFL to avoid “advertising” political statements the DO allow for certain political statements on the field.

The “Take a Knee” is politically driven.  Period.  If it was about bringing awareness to social issues than why ban issues related to abortion, religious freedom, terrorism, and the murder and execution of police?  Why are players NOT allowed to honor victims of terrorist attacks?  Why are players NOT allowed to honor victims of hatred toward police?  Why are players ONLY allowed to protest and raise awareness of certain social issues and not others?

If the awareness is about injustice, what about the injustice of life in the womb?  Injustice of religious freedom, Injustice of the murder of civilians in 9/11?  Injustice of the murder of police officers?  AND THAT is why The NFL has bought into the agenda of one side.  The social side that only allows for the protection of SOME rights and not all. The social side that fights against SOME injustices and not all.

The NFL is no longer primarily about Football but has become a political platform for certain political ideologies.  The NFL has become just another political TOOL for social activism.

The NFL no longer represents patriotism, honor, discipline, and a united team.  It has become anti-american, anti-conservative,  anti-life, and anti-police.  It allows for teams to be divided among ideologies and sit back and watch as some players stand for the nation they love as others kneel to protest a nation they feel perpetuates injustice.

Let us consider the player at the forefront of the kneeling, Colin Kaepernick.  Born to a white mother who choose life instead of abortion and gave him up for adoption.  He was then adopted by white parents and raised.  Went to good schools and graduated from the University of Nevada.  He was a 2nd round draft pick by the San Fransisco 49ers and after 3 seasons he received 39.4 million dollars out of the deal.  Yet, he protests a system that he claims is oppressive.  Much like other black NFL players.  Went to super nice colleges, some for free, and got drafted by the NFL and paid millions.  Very good opportunities, good colleges, good career, set for life financially… is an oppressive system?  Looks like the system has made them millions of dollars.

And its about police brutality, then why do they (The NFL approved protesters) avoid the stat that more white people are killed by police than black people?  (Washington Post police shooting tracker, 2017, 2018).  Why do they (The NFL approved protesters) avoid the fact that 90-93% of black homicides are perpetrated by other black people or that 14% of white murder victims are killed by black perpetrators and only 7% of black murder victims are killed by white perpetrators (FBI Uniform Crime Report 2013, Bureau of Justice Statistics 2010).  It is more about perpetuating bias propaganda than protesting what is actually happening.  WAIT?  But I thought the NFL has “never been a place for advertising that could be considered by some as a political statement.”?

Welcome to the New hypocrite NFL.  Boycott their BS until they support the rights of all or just get back to playing football.  Do something else on Sundays and Monday Nights.  Spend time with family out of the house instead of in front of a TV watching subtle propaganda disguised as football.  Support the Active Duty military and Veterans (of all races) and avoid the NFL sponsors, sense they are all about money instead of honor and respect for patriotism.