LOL, I guess we don’t need extinguishers either because we have firefighters.

This is extremely poor logic and ignorance supported by a sheepish mentality for gun control.

The nation was just bitching about the police using their guns and killing everyone… now the police having all the guns is perfectly fine?  So how is being a disarmed citizen, protected by armed police working out for you?


Good thing police were there to stop all the drive by shootings, home invasions, and armed robberies.  God-forbid we would want to deter, prevent, or eliminate the criminal before becoming a victim.  Maybe the law abiding criminal will wait long enough for the police to arrive just in time to stop him from shooting our family members.

Good thing the FBI and sheriffs department act on tips and investigate potential planned mass shootings.  Good things laws are in place like making murder illegal.  Good thing the police ran into the school before more children where shot… wait… never-mind, but at least they formed a safety perimeter outside of the school so that the shooters can freely roam the school and not outside the school.  Good thing some of the teachers were firearms owners and trained, but only if they were allowed to have their firearms with them in the school.   Sounds all kinds of confusing hu?  Sounds… illogical.



Funny to see politicians and moronic celebrities who advocate for Gun Control and preach about the dangerous of Guns completely surrounded by armed security, all of whom have the same or even less training than a lot of private gun owning citizens.  Hypocrite much?  Why not just let someone call 911 and let the police save them if something was to happen?



One major thing these robotic sheepish gun control snowflakes forget, is the police and armed hired security received the same training as vets and ex military citizen gun owners received.  Heck, some police were never even in the military.  To say police and hired security are more trained than other citizens is a sad pathetic ignorant lie.